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Kirstie Taylor

A Whole New Way to Intuitive Living

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Let’s take the stress, guilt, shame, and any negative emotion you have towards eating out of the picture. You deserve to feel happy when you nourish your body. Finding the foods that work perfectly for your body is a fun and rewarding journey.

Frustrated your body is feeling out of whack or that you’ve lost control?
Try this– “The Essentials for Hormone Balancing”; It’s yours free when you subscribe!


Let’s Work Together!


Personal Coaching

A 1-hour consultation where we’ll look at how your physical, mental, and emotional states are affecting your well-being & discuss practical tools for transformation.

Corporate Wellness

Implementing a wellness workshop or series at your company.


Public Speaking

Topics for public speaking opportunities include (but are not limited to): eating disorders, intuitive eating, therapeutic nutrition, candida issues, and mind-body connection. 


Holistic Nutritionist

Through years of struggling with dieting mentality, body image issues, mysterious illnesses, and overall unhappiness, Kirstie has been able to overcome these obstacles to get on a path of true happiness. Her passion for helping others begins with helping individuals and extends to educating the community

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