Kirstie Taylor



My name is Kirstie and I am so excited you’re here!


Let me take a wild guess and say that you ended up on my page after years of dieting, futile research, agony from debilitating symptoms, and are feeling like you have the information but nothing is working. 

I feel you. I’ve been there. 

I grew up in a healthy environment (i.e., my mom becoming a naturopathic doctor when I was in high school). I have always known what herbs to take for headaches and what are the basics of “healthy” living. Yet I spent years suffering from several eating disorders, embarrassing acne, a slew of physical health issues, and weight gain. 

I know how it feels to have this sense that things will never get better. Body insecurity, a bad relationship with food, physical symptoms that hinder you from living out your life.. these can all seem like obstacles too steep to overcome. 

But I am here to tell you.. it is possible. I can only say this because I have done it. The possibility of feeling confident with your self, feeling a sense of calm around food, and feeling your most radiant self is not only out there— it’s your right to have! 

I’ve helped men and women discover what it feels like to live their optimal life through a blend of nutrition, self-talk, mindset shift, trusting your intuition, and finding healthy movement.”

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Meet Kirstie

Kirstie Taylor has had a keen interest in the wellness field, ever since high school. Her mother, a naturopathic doctor, shed light on how diet is so strongly related to optimal health. 

After going away to college and going through an uneasy time of self-discovery, Kirstie developed an unhealthy relationship with not only food but herself. It took years of professional help to truly feel secure in the woman that she is and to realize that nutrition is (and always has been) her true calling. 

Today, Kirstie helps both men and women with their relationship with food, themselves, and therapeutic nutrition for physical symptoms they are having. She is currently becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC). She has been featured on various podcasts such as “Curious Vibes” and helps educate her community on ways to live an optimal life.