I’ve slowly been transitioning to having a more minimalist wardrobe. What does this mean? Literally what is says. Living with a minimal amount of clothes.. all of which you actually wear. For example, instead of having 20-30 sweaters, some of which you wear and some of which you don’t, you would have 2-3 sweaters. All of which you wear– all of which you love.

Whether you have a bad shopping habit, are constantly wandering the world like me, want to save money, or simply want to downsize everything in your life, I highly recommend the minimalist wardrobe idea. Aside from having more space in my closet, adapting this way of shopping has actually brought about some more satisfying side effects that have made me hooked on this way of living.

What happened after I adopted the Minimalist Wardrobe Idea..

  1. I suddenly found myself picking out my outfits much, much quicker.
    When you have a small, organized, and defined amount of clothes, your options are limited. Some may see this as a bad thing, but I absolutely love it. Picking out what I’m going to wear is so extremely simple now!
  2. I’m buying quality, over quantity.
    And therefore, I’m saving money, my clothes look more mature, and my clothes last longer. Enough said. (Sorry, Forever 21)
  3. I’ve become more stylish!
    There are certain things that never go out of style, and those are the things that a minimalist wardrobe focuses on. When all of my clothes are considered to be what’s “in” (though honestly, I’ve never cared much about that), I find myself actually having better style.

Hopefully talking about downsizing your closet hasn’t completely scared you away at this point. I still have many items that don’t exactly seem to fit into the minimal wardrobe idea, but I just can’t seem to let it all go at once! It really is a slow process. It won’t just happen in one day! (Unless you have tons of money, in which case.. want to go shopping?? :D)

But if you’re ready to take the plunge, I highly these Minimal Wardrobe Essentials:

The Light-Wash Chambray Shirt

Chambrays are THE BEST. Seriously. You can wear them unbuttoned like a cardigan, buttoned up for a classic style, or even tie it around your waste for a lazy-girl, I-don’t-care kind of look. I love having a light-wash version since all of my jeans are a dark wash. The contrast works well together and I don’t have to worry about the colors clashing.

Black Ankle Boots

LUCA ROSSI Ankle boots • $59 • yoox.com

I personally love the Chelsea style ankle boot. I also prefer the faux leather look because, when you travel, any material like suede can get easily ruined (or at least for me it does– maybe I just have no idea how to take care of it!). But black ankle boots are easily paired with any outfit and are still super comfy.

Bomber Jacket

Preferably green. Its stylish enough but still pairs well with everything. Plus, it gives your style a little edge and let’s be real, who doesn’t want that?

Black (Faux) Leather Jacket

This is where the animal-lover in me is going to come out. I really recommend buying a faux leather jacket! Trust me, if you take care of it, it will last you a long time! I bought my Top Shop leather jacket used from my friend and I have had it almost a year on top of that and it still looks great!

Simple Tees 

Topshop V-Neck Tee • $25 • Nordstrom

Tees are the perfect item for layering. What should you put under that leather or bomber jacket? A nice grey v-neck or white crew tee will do the trick. It’s simple, classy, and looks like style just comes naturally to you.

A White Pair of Converse

Not gonna lie, I bought a knock off pair of Converse from a popular Korean brand.. BUT they look basically the same and I absolutely love them. Converse will, luckily, never go out of style. and the white on your feet will make your outfit POP.

A Pair of Tortoise Shell Sunnies

MANGO Tortoiseshell Sunglasses • $25.99 • MANGO

Your whole outfit is going to be basically black anyways, so why not switch up your sunnies to a nice tortoise shell print? I’ve always opted for this look but it’s probably because of my light colored hair and skin complexion.

Black Skinny Jeans

Yes, ok.. I admit it.. I love black. But so does the minimalist wardrobe concept. Black is easily paired with anything. When you have a pair of nice, black skinny jeans.. your outfit will automatically look much more put together.

A Statement Scarf

Nordstrom Modal Silk Blend Scarf • $38 • Nordstrom

What’s a statement scarf? It’s simply a scarf that stands out. Like a nice pastel lavender or light blue. I wouldn’t suggest any neon colors, but this is where you can definitely add a little pop to your outfit. Though, I personally would wait to buy this when you travel somewhere. Exotic destinations always have the most beautiful prints– plus you can assure yourself that no one else will have the same scarf as you!

The links in this post are all affiliate links, but I assure you, I wear either the same items, or chose items that were as close to the ones I have in real life!

Are you thinking about adopting the Minimalist Wardrobe concept? Let me know below in the comments!