Soon, it’ll be three months since I decided to move to The City of Light. I’ve had some whirlwind of experiences and feel like I got a real, authentic taste of the Parisian culture. What were my favorite parts? Let’s get started..

  1. The Food 
    I would be kidding myself if I didn’t mention food being one of the best highlights of my trip here. I mean, France is known for its food.. No one can deny that. I definitely had some finer dining moments, but the best food in Paris, hands down, is found on the streets. The best (and cheapest) place to grab some French cuisine is at one of the Brasseries that you’ll see lining the streets of Paris. There was nothing better than sitting outside on a Brasserie’s terrace during the afternoon on a sunny day in Paris. Yet, when I was seeking out something a bit quicker and cheaper, I often frequented the bakeries here in Paris. Simply stated: the bread is unlike anything your taste buds will ever experience in the United States. My favorite is the Pain Au Chocolats, which are basically a croissant with chocolate inside. Sounds like heaven on Earth? They are!

  2. The Seine River 
    Is it weird to mention a river as being one of the highlights of my time in Paris? I guess there wasn’t one exact moment that made me fall in love with the Seine River but a collection of moments that made it’s presence in Paris a huge part of my time here. Not only is it just flat out beautiful to look at, but I also took advantage of the areas alongside the river where you can sit and enjoy some good food. Picnics along the river, watching boats cruise by and being surrounded by Parisian architecture was pure bliss. Not to mention that, seeing as I lived to close, I often frequented the river for a nice jog.

  3. Parc Butte Chaumont
    Never heard of this place? Neither had I before I moved to Paris. I went here on a Sunday because I heard it was a great place to escape the city and enjoy a picnic in the sun. I was absolutely shocked when I arrived; I never thought such a luscious green haven would exist in an architecturally rampant city like Paris. The park had a beautiful view of the Northern Paris skyline, adorned a little chapel on top of a hill, and had a hidden, picturesque waterfall.. all of which was supposedly design by Napoleon back when he ruled. Napoleon, you did a spectacular job.

  4. Versaille Palace
    A palace built for a king.. well, many kings to be exact. I ventured out of Paris one weekend to explore the grand palace of Versaille. I was astonished to see how much detail was put into every nook and cranny of this place; even the ceilings were adorned with beautifully intricate murals. It was a day well spent too because there’s not only the palace to explore, but the gardens too. I spent a couple of hours wandering through the intricate labyrinth that is the Versaille Palace’s gardens. I can only imagine what it must’ve been like to live there.. *Swoon*

  5. The Euro 2016
    Per usual, I saved the best for last. I was extraordinarily lucky and had the hook-up of a lifetime for three tickets to see a soccer match in Paris for the Euro 2016. I had already attended about five Euro games at the Paris Fan Zones, but actually being at a live game was beyond anything I could’ve imagine. I watched the Austria vs. Iceland match and, having no ties to either of the countries, I naturally chose to cheer for the underdog team, Iceland. The pure passion and support pouring out from the fans in the stadium was unlike anything I had ever seen back in the states. Seeing a Euro game in-person was definitely the best highlight of my time in Paris.


Of course I had many other adventures, but these aspects and places of Paris truly hold a special place in my heart. Let me know if you’ve ever been to Paris and fell in love with part of the city.. other than a Parisian boy!