There are many cities that I feel like I left a little piece of my heart in, but Puerto Vallarta was something special. I have been to Mexico before, on a cliche cruise-around-the-Caribbean. Yet, Puerto Vallarta was so much more magical; so much more authentic.

When I traveled there, Puerto Vallarta was in the midst of becoming a new hot-spot in Mexico, so there were plenty of things to do where you weren’t surrounded by tourists. Maybe that’s what attributed to its authentic charm that I adored oh so much. From taking walks along the pristine beach, to grabbing the best (seriously, THE BEST) Mexican seafood, to zip lining through the rainforest; this place has so much to offer.

I highly recommend checking out the Vallarta Adventures Company. The people that work there are extremely funny and kind, not to mention that their tours are bad ass! We road little cars through the mud, trekked up the side of the mountain on donkeys, and then did a whole course of zip lines through the rainforest!



Yep.. that’s me. Zip lining UPSIDEDOWN!

But for real, this city is spectacular. So much to offer. I highly recommended getting the whole notion of “Montezuma’s Revenge” (food poisoning) out of your head and try some AMAZING shrimp burritos from the not-so-glamourous restaurants further into the city. One rule I go by when eating abroad is: if there are people eating there, its most likely SAFE. Overpriced restaurants aren’t where the good food is at.. so don’t be a typical tourist! Try Puerto Vallarta’s rich cuisine, the local way.

Oh wait.. I almost forgot. Tequila. The region of Jalisco is known for their Tequila! I literally have no idea how our guide was still standing when we came in that day. I was feeling tipsy when we left.


We’re both like “Uhhh..”. He’s like, “YEA”


Have you been to the mystical city of Puerto Vallarta? How did you like it?